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Ten desirable qualities of an enrollment director

1. Belief in and understanding of “the cause”

• As a “face” of your organization, would represent the organization well

2. Relational ability

• Communication skills (including listening)

• Enjoys people and can earn their confidence

• Can relate in a positive way with both students and parents

3. Familiarity with constituency

• Knows, and is known by, your stakeholders

4. Productive

• Can meet goals for numbers of prospective student/parent contacts

• Willing to be held accountable

• Possesses right combination of relational ability and efficiency

• Can produce a formal enrollment plan and follow it

5. Willingness and ability to travel

• Can follow flexible, irregular work schedule

6. Understanding of marketing concepts and appropriate application of them

• Thinks and works strategically

• Segments prospect pool

• Can customize approaches to prospective students

7. Informed, self-starter, creative, organized, motivated, initiator, goal-oriented, team player

• Can stay motivated, energized and engaged while working solo

• Interested in professional development

• Keeps abreast of “best practices” in enrollment work

8. Works effectively with volunteers

• Identifies enrollment-related activities that can best be handled by volunteers, and trains people for their tasks

9. Comfortable with enrollment technology tools

• Can organize, maintain and use an enrollment database

10. Related experience

• Church organizations, marketing, sales, counseling, etc.