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Perspectives of major donors

At the 2011 Mennonite Foundation Development Conference, three donor couples shared perspectives of “dos and don’ts” of fundraising. Several are listed below.


• expect us to make a quick decision about a major gift.

• assume our on-going support; we give as an investment, not to create dependency.


• give attention to developing a genuine relationship with us before asking for big gifts.

• know our interests and passions (and respect how they might lead us to decide not to support your project).

• respect our time and availability.

• understand that our giving has integrity.

• be honest and transparent with your request and updates about your organization.

• give us a chance to get personally acquainted with your project.

• let us know how this project fits into a long-term plan.

• see us as we are; it’s not always fun to be entrusted with wealth.