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Congregational fundraising

When working with a congregation, AAI first provides an overview of the capital campaign and introduces key campaign principles in the context of fundraising as ministry. Next, we assess the congregation’s readiness for such a highly organized fundraising effort. Based on this assessment, AAI can enter the process at one of several points, described below. […]

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Mission, vision and strategic planning

Peter Drucker, a leading expert in management theory says that there are two questions that every organization must answer. 1. What is our business? 2. What will our business be? The first question has to do with mission (i.e. what we do and why); the second, with vision (i.e. the aspiration to grow, improve or […]

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Visioning vs. strategic planning

What is the difference between visioning and strategic planning? Visioning, while a critical first step, is only a part of the strategic planning process. If the vision is the desired destination, the strategic plan is how to get there. To illustrate, when planning a vacation, we picture in our minds a particular experience at a […]

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Ingredients of a successful strategic visioning retreat

What follows is an interview Associate Dan Hess (JDH) conducted with former AAI Principal Jerry Kennell following a visioning retreat held at Philadelphia Mennonite High School (PMHS). JDH: Let’s begin at the beginning. What is strategic visioning, Jerry? Kennell: Farmers don’t plow anymore, but when they did, they made straight furrows by picking a fence […]

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