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The spirituality of fund-raising

Advancement Associates extends to the Henri Nouwen Society thanks for allowing us to print excerpts from Henri Nouwen’s thoughtful booklet The Spirituality of Fund-Raising. Visit www.HenriNouwen.org to order a free copy of The Spirituality of Fund-Raising. Fund-raising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting […]

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Staying “on mission” in tough economic times

News flash: We are living in tough economic times. USA Today (December 2, 2008) reported on a November 2008 study conducted by Barna Group that “more than two in three adults (68%) say they have been affected by the dire economy and 22% said they have been impacted in a ‘major way.’” Not surprisingly, this […]

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An enrollment checklist

Is your school meeting its enrollment goals? Are you using strategies that can make the most difference? When AAI Principal Rich Gerig assesses an enrollment program, he looks for these 15 key indicators. How does your school measure up? 1. A quality, distinctive program – Are mission and vision consistent? Understood? Appealing? Being achieved? This […]

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Finding the best funders

From pop-ups on your web browser to glossy brochures that arrive in the mail, grant offers seem to be everywhere. Supporters pass on bits and pieces about specific grants they’re familiar with, or stories of other organizations that have benefited from grant money. Grants can indeed be an important ingredient in a successful fundraising project […]

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Congregational fundraising

When working with a congregation, AAI first provides an overview of the capital campaign and introduces key campaign principles in the context of fundraising as ministry. Next, we assess the congregation’s readiness for such a highly organized fundraising effort. Based on this assessment, AAI can enter the process at one of several points, described below. […]

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What motivates donors?

In his book, Relationship Fundraising (Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2002), Author Ken Burnett describes an approach that centers on the unique and individual connection an organization has with each of its donors. It should be an “overriding consideration,” says AAI Principal Rich Gerig, “to care for and develop that bond.” According to Gerig, donors—those people who actively […]

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Mission, vision and strategic planning

Peter Drucker, a leading expert in management theory says that there are two questions that every organization must answer. 1. What is our business? 2. What will our business be? The first question has to do with mission (i.e. what we do and why); the second, with vision (i.e. the aspiration to grow, improve or […]

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