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Getting your money’s worth out of market research

By Mike Wiese, PhD, associate Do you need to do market research to make an important decision? Before you do, read this paper. Market research studies are often done 1) to assess constituents’ perceptions of how the organization is fulfilling its mission. 2) to guide improvement efforts. 3) to inform a specific decision that needs […]

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Two kinds of research

Advancement Associates, Inc. (AAI) believes in the helpfulness of research and relies on research results to shape its counsel. Associate Michael Wiese, professor of marketing at Anderson (IN) University and widely known for his expertise in research, typically leads AAI’s research projects. AAI carries out two kinds of research, each of them useful in particular […]

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Mennonite Manor case study

Over the last few years a number of our clients have engaged in market research. Among them are schools working to improve their image and/or increase their enrollment; retirement centers considering a new approach to long-term care; and a church conference wanting to better support its pastors. In each case, these organizations were motivated by […]

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Cost-effective market research

Market research. These two words might evoke a variety of responses within an organization. Some might be intimidated by the mere thought (“I don’t know how.”) Others might question the need (“Ya, right?”) or financial wisdom (“I can’t afford it.”) To these folks, the suggestion may sound like one of those consultants trying to drum […]

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Ingredients of a successful strategic visioning retreat

What follows is an interview Associate Dan Hess (JDH) conducted with former AAI Principal Jerry Kennell following a visioning retreat held at Philadelphia Mennonite High School (PMHS). JDH: Let’s begin at the beginning. What is strategic visioning, Jerry? Kennell: Farmers don’t plow anymore, but when they did, they made straight furrows by picking a fence […]

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