AAI specializes in service to individual congregations, private schools, and retirement communities and other social service and health care organizations.

A full range of services signifies our holistic approach to institutional advancement—that is, the vision, mission, strategies and stakeholders nonprofit organizations need to “move ahead” with their programs and priorities. We present advancement as a seamless, coordinated function, integral to the mission and service of our clients.

Vision. Visioning. AAI.


We help organizations to clarify and understand who they are, what they are committed to, and whom and how they want to serve.

Comprehensive strategic planning. AAI.

Strategic planning

We guide organizations in systematic and comprehensive strategic planning.

Campaign and development services. AAI.

Campaign and development services

We can help your organization build sturdy systems and procedures for fundraising.

Enrollment. Systematic recruitment and retention. AAI.

Enrollment services

We offer comprehensive strategies for systematic recruitment and retention efforts.

Communications. AAI.


We guide organizations in bringing all communications materials to state-of-the-art quality.

Market research and marketing plans. AAI.

Market research and marketing plans

We help an organization identify, attract and retain stakeholders whose involvement and support are essential.

Grant services. Securing grants. AAI.

Grant services

We help organizations to maximize their potential for securing grants.