“I am grateful that Rich took the time to understand not only me as a person and professional, but also the circumstances and surroundings of the school and the partners who believe in our mission.”

–Development Director, PreK-8 Mennonite School

“From time to time, an organization needs to take a step back and evaluate its position, purpose and goals. During that process, having a trusted friend to give honest and frank feedback is helpful. We found that trusted friend with Rich Gerig and Mike Wiese and their team at Advancement Associates, Inc.”

–Development Director, Friends High School

“I expected AAI to provide us the needed counsel and coaching required to fill gaps in our own development capacities. These expectations were met in each case, and as projects moved along, AAI was quick to renegotiate expectations as needed.”

–Senior Executive for Advancement, Denominational Missions Agency

“None of us had a lot of experience with capital fundraising and weren’t sure if we should proceed with our project; the greatest thing we gained from working with AAI was a sense of clarity that we had a viable plan that could be achieved.”

–Executive Vice President, Trans-denominational Prison Ministry

“Becky’s emphasis on building relationships with those who are passionate about our organization’s mission is right on target. We can recommend Becky to any organization who has decided to place a priority on strengthening its mission through inviting others to be active contributors and partners.”

–President, Retirement Community

“We have learned so much about the field of communications from AAI. It was a neglected area at our organization until we got involved with Dan and Becky. We are very pleased with the outcome of our work together.”

–Executive Director, Child and Family Services Agency

“AAI offered us a capital campaign plan tailored to our specific situation. We wanted a consultant who would be personally involved and accessible to us and Rich Gerig did not disappoint.”

–Chair, Congregational Resource Team

“Because AAI brings a faith perspective to their work, their consulting is about more than just raising money. They understand and include the spiritual dimensions of any project.”

–Denominational Director of Churchwide Operations