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A late bloomer in philanthropy

After spending decades watching her husband’s wealth grow, one widow intends to spend the rest of her life giving it away as a philanthropist. “Years ago, my husband made a very good investment that is still growing,” she told AAI while being interviewed during a feasibility study. “Some of our wealth came from a successful […]

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Ten desirable qualities of an enrollment director

1. Belief in and understanding of “the cause” • As a “face” of your organization, would represent the organization well 2. Relational ability • Communication skills (including listening) • Enjoys people and can earn their confidence • Can relate in a positive way with both students and parents 3. Familiarity with constituency • Knows, and […]

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CEOs discuss development

It’s difficult to narrow down the single most important development role of a CEO, since the work of development is, by its’ very nature, so multi-faceted. I have found that being open — visionary, invitational and transparent — in relationships with board, staff and donors is key to development. This approach provides space for dreaming, […]

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Fundraiser stands the test of time

In his various associations with faith-based nonprofits, AAI Principal Rich Gerig gets to hear firsthand about the ups and downs of all things development, including special events. While such events represent the initial foray into fundraising for many nonprofit organizations, a number of factors call into question their long term viability: • Fundraising events require […]

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Perspectives of major donors

At the 2011 Mennonite Foundation Development Conference, three donor couples shared perspectives of “dos and don’ts” of fundraising. Several are listed below. DON’T: • expect us to make a quick decision about a major gift. • assume our on-going support; we give as an investment, not to create dependency. DO: • give attention to developing […]

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Planned giving workshops

In the December 2010 issue of AAI E-news we included an article about benevolent care programs, with which retirement communities seek to support current residents who have exhausted their financial resources through no fault of their own, and are unable to pay the full cost of required services. Among other donors, residents already living in […]

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Visioning vs. strategic planning

What is the difference between visioning and strategic planning? Visioning, while a critical first step, is only a part of the strategic planning process. If the vision is the desired destination, the strategic plan is how to get there. To illustrate, when planning a vacation, we picture in our minds a particular experience at a […]

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