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Selecting the best software for your development needs

For the last 15 years, Peter Graber has helped to lead the fundraising work of Mennonite Mission Network and its predecessors. Mission Network works from the Mennonite Church USA offices in Elkhart, Ind. and Newton, Kan. Prior to that role, Graber spent 10 years as a computer consultant and programmer. Given his expertise in both […]

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The other donor pyramid

If development officers close their eyes real tight, they can visualize something known as the donor pyramid, a well-known tool of the fundraising trade. Here’s the usual version of the pyramid: The donor pyramid illustrates some important development concepts. For example: • Many names need to be in our prospective donor list. • By building […]

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Fundraiser stands the test of time

In his various associations with faith-based nonprofits, AAI Principal Rich Gerig gets to hear firsthand about the ups and downs of all things development, including special events. While such events represent the initial foray into fundraising for many nonprofit organizations, a number of factors call into question their long term viability: • Fundraising events require […]

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Engaging women in your mission

Women have long served nonprofit organizations as volunteers. In the past 30 years, however, women’s philanthropy has emerged as a distinct movement to improve local, national and global communities. Today as women make strides in business, government and the nonprofit sector, they add treasure to time and talent in the list of contributions they offer. […]

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Pleasantview enters a new chapter

“Now I have a question for you,” laughed CEO David Heusinkveld as our interview drew to a close. “Why are you talking to me?” After a six-year tenure at MDC Goldenrod, a Goshen, IN organization serving persons with disabilities, Heusinkveld is approaching the end of his first year at Pleasantview Home in Kalona, IA. And […]

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A homegrown development officer

Five years ago Vernetta Waltner wasn’t looking for a job change. She was finishing her 14th year as English teacher at Freeman Academy, a school for grades 5-12 located in southeastern South Dakota. In the back of her mind she realized that, since their daughters had both graduated, she and her husband no longer needed […]

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Making the case

Any organization that has undertaken a capital campaign is familiar with the process of developing a case statement. Typically this statement includes a look at the organization’s history, mission, current needs and goals. The case is tested with constituents in a feasibility study and, assuming it is well received, it then provides guidance and focus […]

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“Developing” a bigger picture

Fundamental to photography is the art of composition, the way individual objects within a defined space combine to form a portrait. The more elements one is expected to work with, the more complex the task. And what if the number of elements in the figurative viewfinder suddenly doubles, creating a virtual collage of colors, textures […]

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The spirituality of fund-raising

Advancement Associates extends to the Henri Nouwen Society thanks for allowing us to print excerpts from Henri Nouwen’s thoughtful booklet The Spirituality of Fund-Raising. Visit to order a free copy of The Spirituality of Fund-Raising. Fund-raising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting […]

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What motivates donors?

In his book, Relationship Fundraising (Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2002), Author Ken Burnett describes an approach that centers on the unique and individual connection an organization has with each of its donors. It should be an “overriding consideration,” says AAI Principal Rich Gerig, “to care for and develop that bond.” According to Gerig, donors—those people who actively […]

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