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AAI offers small organizations “good model” for grantseeking

In the past few years, several AAI clients have shown heightened interest in researching and pursuing grant monies. And many of these organizations share a similar profile when it comes to seeking grants: • Minimal experience • Limited staff time • Facing one or more immediate needs Take, for example, Mennonite Education Agency (MEA). MEA […]

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Making the corporate connection

“Corporations are people, my friend.” Perhaps no other single statement made in the last several months has received as much attention or ignited as much debate as this one. But regardless of how one perceives it, the statement alludes to a certain understanding of critical importance for nonprofit organizations interested in pursuing corporate grants. Inside […]

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Grants feed World Hunger Relief budget

Former AAI client World Hunger Relief, Inc. (WHRI) of Elm Mott, TX is “a Christian organization committed to the alleviation of hunger around the world.” To that end, WHRI operates a 40-acre farm, manages an urban gardening program, and educates school children, community groups and churches in sustainable farming techniques and conservation. After nearly 20 […]

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Finding the best funders

From pop-ups on your web browser to glossy brochures that arrive in the mail, grant offers seem to be everywhere. Supporters pass on bits and pieces about specific grants they’re familiar with, or stories of other organizations that have benefited from grant money. Grants can indeed be an important ingredient in a successful fundraising project […]

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