Mission & philosophy

AAI seeks to support the missions of denominationally related, nonprofit organizations. We accomplish this by offering a full range of advancement consultation services, including

  • visioning
  • strategic planning
  • campaign and development services
  • enrollment services
  • communications
  • market research and marketing plans
  • grant services

Together, these services signify our holistic approach to institutional advancement—that is, the vision, mission, strategies and stakeholders nonprofit organizations need to “move ahead” with their programs and priorities. We present advancement as a seamless, coordinated function, integral to the mission and service of our clients.

Prayer, advocacy, financial gifts, referrals and time are among the ways constituents support an organization. But whatever the gift, the saying holds true that people give to people. For that reason, building and maintaining healthy relationships with stakeholders is crucial. This concept is central to our work and is summed up in our motto: Building relationships. Advancing your mission.

At AAI, we commit ourselves to

  • create trust and satisfaction for our clients by engaging them with integrity and expertise.
  • help clients achieve professional competence in their advancement programs.
  • provide personalized, professional and practical counsel tailored to the organization’s mission, programs, staff and resources.
  • encourage faithful, lasting commitments for clients from their donors and other friends.
  • maximize value for clients through effective use of communication technologies.
  • offer high-quality services at reasonable rates.
  • work in ways consistent with our Christian faith.