About us

We are Advancement Associates, Inc. We are committed to Building Relationships and Advancing Your Mission. While our headquarters is in Ohio, we live in various parts of the United States.

About Advancement Associates, Inc.We offer comprehensive consultation services that include visioning, strategic planning, campaign and development services, enrollment services, communications, market research and marketing plans, and grant services.

AAI serves North American congregations and nonprofit organizations related to denominations that seek to express Christian faith in human service.

Our clients are, in the main, private schools, health care institutions, retirement centers and church agencies.

We’ve been successful because:

  • we enjoy working with each other.
  • we share the same values and commitments.
  • we have worked many years in the fields of our specialties.
  • we are passionate about the work of church related nonprofit organizations.
  • we work with “the whole” — that is with organizational vision, mission, stakeholders and strategies — when we address any one issue.

We are Rich Gerig, Becky Drumm, and Mike Wiese. And, depending upon the contract, we bring in additional specialists to join our consultant team.